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Is my treat freezer burnt?

No, not at all! During the mixing of ingredients, invariably the soy milk will foam. This foam then freezes and appears as ice crystals upon your removal of the lid. Polar Pups are high quality treats that are made on an as-requested basis to ensure freshness and excellence,

I've heard soy products are bad for dogs. Will my dog get sick eating a Polar Pup treat?

Pet nutrition is a widely discussed arena and there are many diverse opinions. Unless your dog has a specific sensitivity to soy products, your dog will be fine. We do not use soybean meal which is the dog food filler that can cause allergic reactions. Our soy milk is identity preserved, non-GMO, and created through an all natural, solvent-free process. Here at Polar Pups, we have done extensive research on all of our ingredients and do so on a continual basis. We provide a fresh, healthy and delicious frozen treat for your special pals. As with our own dogs, we would never offer any pet any food product that would cause them harm.

Barry Goldin, a researcher at Tufts' Medical School, said that small doses of soy are not harmful. Sabine Contreras on The Dog Food Project web site also agrees. George C. Fahey, Jr. from the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana stated that "soybean protein has been shown to be of high quality when evaluated in complete and balanced diets fed to dogs and cats." Purina also states that "...soybeans provide...(a) good quality protein and other can be an excellent part of a complete dog diet." Further, Yahoo Pets offers this information:

"Soy protein is nutritionally equivalent or superior to animal protein and provides high levels of most essential amino acids. Neither meat nor soybean meal alone is an ideal protein source, but when fed in combination with a complementary source of essential amino acids, the two can help provide excellent protein nutrition to dogs. Unlike animal sources of protein, soy does not vary widely in amino acid content and availability. Poor quality meat or poultry meals are substantially less digestible than soybean meal."

As there has been some concern about bloat being caused by soy products, the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University has shown that "...dogs consuming meat-based diets are just as likely as dogs consuming soy-based diets to develop the condition that leads to bloat," and that bloat is not directly caused by soy.

Soy provides your pet with protein, fiber, amino acids, antioxidants as well as vitamins and minerals. Polar Pups are a treat and are not meant to be consumed as the primary food in a dog's diet. Just like us, dogs need a balanced diet. Feed your dog high quality foods and offer them Polar Pups as a delicious delight!

For further reading about the benefits of quality soy ingredients such as ours, please click on the following links:

Really, there are only these few ingredients in your treats?

Yes. Hailey, the head of our quality control department, has a sensitive stomach, has food allergies and Addison's Disease. As such, our treats are formulated with as few ingredients as possible and we use only premium, high quality human grade foods.

How does my dog eat a Polar Pup?

Happily! Actually, if you just remove the lid and set the cup down, they know what to do. If you want, you can remove the treat from the cup and place it in a bowl. Just a reminder though, the plastic cup is not a toy. Please supervise your dog while it is eating the treat. And, as an added bonus, all of our packing is recyclable!

When should I give my dog a Polar Pup?

Any time! We eat ice cream all year 'round, your dog should too!

How do I store Polar Pups?

Polar Pups Frozen Treats should be stored in the freezer until you are ready to share it with your happy pooch. Our Frozen Treat Mix should be stored in a cool dry place until you are ready to mix them, after which they should be stored in the freezer.

I live in another state. Are your treats available here? Can I order online?

You may now order our Frozen Treat Mix through our site! Please click here!

Currently Polar Pups does not offer an online ordering option for our pre-frozen treats. However, they can be shipped to you using Federal Express overnight service. If you interested in this option, we are happy to send Polar Pups to you though please be aware that the shipping costs can be expensive. Please contact us to discuss shipping.

I am a retailer. How can I carry your products?

Please contact us at for more information. We will gladly provide you with pricing information and free signage. If you are located outside the Chicago area, please contact us about our Frozen Treat Mix. If you are a distributor interested in carrying our products, please contact us at the above email address.

Now what are you waiting for? Go get your dog a Polar Pup!